Our students participated in the Feeding 9 Billion Challenge then developed their projects by enrolling in the ICON course. The combination of ambitious students, real-life problems, and an incubative environment resulted in tremendous projects.

Read on to see what some of them are up to! 

CampUS Team

We are creating a unique Certificate in Food Security and Community Education, at the University of Guelph, which will encompass 2 aspects:Chloe and Hana present a slideshow describing their project.

  1. Coursework: students will take a selection of food-systems courses across multiple disciplines.
  2. Community: students will develop programming in teams & implement this as lessons in local elementary schools

The certificate will help students to develop a robust knowledge in food systems & will inspire young people to work toward a healthier, more food secure world.

Coffee Cup Waste Warriors

Our goal is to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups on-campus. Through rigorous research on effective sThe group presents their project, with a lineup of disposable mugs in front of them on the deskocial-behaviour modification campaigns (e.g. programs to reduce the prevalence of smoking, and to decrease the use of plastic bags), we have designed a multi-dimensional campaign for the University of Guelph that aims to change social norms in favour of the use of reusable mugs.


Black Box Initiative

We aspire to introduce pyrolysis technology & biochar as a sustainable waste mStudents stand with the pyrolysis unit they prototypedanagement solution on the University of Guelph campus. Using this technology for our organic waste will:

  1. Establish a new flow for organic waste, by using it as feedstock in the pyrolysis unit.
  2. Create a nutrient-rich biochar product to use as a soil amendment for gardens and agriculture on campus.

This project will allow the university to manage its own organic waste internally, eliminating the need for third-party waste management.

 Food Survival Squad

We are creating a website targeted at university students, to act as a go-to resource to help minimize food waste & maxiteam photomize food usage. The site is focused at university students, who we surveyed to understand reasons behind their food wasting habits.

With better access to information, we think that young people can minimize the amount of food—and simultaneously—money, they waste!