The Next 50 Years: Dr. Fraser on IDEAS

The guest speakers sit on stage at the ideas @ 50 event

Dr. Evan Fraser was a special guest on the CBC IDEAS stage for the fiftieth anniversary event in October 2015.

This special event was, as described by IDEAS: “to address the prevailing sense that the human species may be facing “the end”. Environmental collapse. Global financial meltdown. Interethnic bloodshed. Not to mention the possibility of a sixth massive extinction. Will there be enough food? Will we all be crammed into dystopian megacities? How will we escape our long history of bloody conflict? Three panelists join host Paul Kennedy to argue – cautiously – how humanity may not only survive, but actually thrive.”

Watch the event here, or read the transcript of Evan’s opening address below:

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Hungry in a Hot, Crowded World

Feeding 9 Billion features on The Agenda, talking with Steve Paikin

Evan Fraser, professor of geography at the University of Guelph, sees a future where climate change and population growth could cause hunger and conflict around the world. However, he thinks there are concrete ways to promote global food security. Fraser explains to The Agenda what Canada can do to help mitigate famine and war.

Watch the clip here (20 minutes)

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