New video released: Building a Research Agenda for Food Waste in Ontario

Last month, the Guelph Food Waste Research Group convened a never-before-done workshop to address food waste in Ontario.

It brought together stakeholders representing all points along the food value chain, who were given the opportunity to discuss problems and solutions together. An static image of the video at its host site, youtube.  

This was unprecedented, as for the most part, food waste is discussed in very isolated sector-specific terms. It was incredibly valuable to have so many voices: representatives from food-service companies could speak with policy-makers, non-profits could speak with retailers, waste haulers could explain the context in which they work, and researchers could begin to identify areas where they should invest their energy.

A video captures the event and can be found here: 


This event was funded through the OMAFRA Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) fund, operated out of Agri-Food and Rural Link. This is set up specifically to “accelerate research into use” and ensure that university research is utilized in real-life applications.

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